The Dry Mill
The name says it all really, but aside from finishing, treating and packing our product, the higher purpose of the Dry Mill is to meet the various demands of our clients. That means not only making to order, but also putting just about everything we produce 'through the ringer' to ensure quality and consistency.

125 boards / minute

In many ways, the Dry Mill looks like a big old shed but beneath the surface there's a bunch of tech at play that allows us to output a mean 150,000 lengths of timber per day. Still, the Dry Mill team work two 10 hours shifts to keep everything up and running around the clock.


Hi-speed plane

In the blink of an eye the high speed planer applies our finger-friendly ridged texture to the surface of our framing products.


Making the grade

As it passes through the plane, each board is subjected to a bend test, and subsequently graded. It's spat out the other side with what's essentially a report card stamped to its surface. The Lucidyne scanner (pictured) interprets these marks and converts them into trimming instructions that are communicated down the line.


focus on sustainability

Meeting the demand

As the world demands more sustainable construction materials, we're proud to be keeping up with that demand. In fact, by producing on demand, we're reducing waste by adapting our output to the demands of your market. It's here in the Dry Mill that our team work to fulfill the specific requirements of your order.