Our Secret Formula
For many decades now, Hyne has left the competition in its sawdust when it comes to termite, borer and fungal treatments for timber. Termite damage is a big problem in Australia, so we take it very seriously. Despite the problem, the Australian Standards require no auditing of product treatments, which is why we take it upon ourselves to achieve CodeMark® certification and provide you and your customers with the confidence you deserve.

Behind drawn curtains

Because the competition is so keen to copy, we keep our 'secret herbs and spices' close to our chest and our treatment facilities tucked away behind giant curtains.


Before and After…

Untreated timber queues on a conveyor, awaiting its turn to have its treatment applied before being whisked away to despatch on the other side.


What's revolutionary about our process is it's water-based which allows for greater penetration of the treatment to the 'centre ninth.'


What's with the colour?

The blue and red colours applied to our T2 products is actually just coloured dye which sits on the surface and is at its most vivid immediately after treatment.

in the lab

Not your average 'lab rat'

Rest assured, we don't test on animals. They might not look like your typical lab rats, but our team of hi-vis wearing Chemical Engineers continue to raise the bar with innovations that benefit everyone (except termites). They test every batch, but perhaps the most telling test is the fact the treatment has NEVER failed out in the wild where it matters most.